Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2012 The Heritage Of Moncler women vest Brand

Way back in 1952 Rene Ramillom and Andre Vincent designed some winter Moncler women vest jackets for their workers. They used their experiences during the World War II while fighting off the French Resistance troops as a benchmark for deciding the necessities that the jacket design should have. The initial design was created keeping in mind the military requirements of the troops and the need for adequate protection from the bitter cold. They understood that extreme cold could be fatal by bringing on a host of diseases and ailments. They gave their brand the name "Moncler" as an ode to a nearby village called Monestier de Clermont.
During World War II the firm supplied equipment to the French Alpine troops. Later the firm also started manufacturing sleeping bags and gloves. "Tergal" a polyester fiber was used by them at that time and within no time Moncler had grown to become a well established and renowned brand.
Finally reality was accepted in the fashion world that sport attire too needed to look debonair and not bulky. Earlier winter wear was oversized and hindered movement. Moncler understood this gap and introduced lightweight winter wear that protected the wearer from harsh winters without affecting his maneuverability. Comfort and fashion were very beautifully amalgamated by Moncler while designing its winter collection.
Today Moncler is the first choice for premium winter clothing. Their smart casual designs are immensely popular amongst youngsters. The cuts and fits of Moncler jackets are their USP. They have distinctive styles that make you look fashionable along with keeping you warm. Moncler has introduced jackets for men, women and ladies and has an enviable collection to choose from. Each garment has the classic logo embossed on all the hardware and is also on display on the chest or sleeve.
In collaboration with Junya Wsatanabe and Beams, Moncler has also introduced some effervescent shiny colors in its jackets that especially appeal to the youngsters. Recently Moncler made a grand entry in the Chinese market with the assistance of Adrienne Ma, who is the daughter of the renowned Joyce Ma. She opened the inaugural store in the city of Hong Kong and the store was sold out within no time. 1994 to 1998 saw Moncler grow as a fashion giant and spread its roots globally to all countries. The stores of Moncler are aesthetically designed and display their stunning collection of  Moncler outlet jackets, scarves, boots, bags and T-shirts for men, women and kids.


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